We create pre-made and custom designs, we do our own spin on designs you find or create something unique, we do NOT o any licensed or trademarked designs.

We assist people in acquiring personalized and clothing, no minimums and no setup fees. We love helping walk teams, baseball teams and small groups to get clothing to show your support at an event.

We also create mugs, decor items,  decals, tumblers, pillows and more. Whatever it is that you want your logo or design idea on ask and we will let you know if it is possible.

Julie Fredin
Owner, Designer

Jason Fredin
Owner, Marketing Director


How long does it take to get my item?
The timeline on products varies, depending on if the shirt you need is in stock. It also depends on the volumes of current orders. We usually recommend one week, closer to Christmas it will be 2 weeks.
The difference between Custom design vs Regular design?
A custom design is a design created for your item only. This has an additional fee on it above the costing of the shirt. A regular design is a design that goes into our catalog and can be sold to other customers.
What is a Customer design?
A customer design, is a logo or design that is given to us in a completed format and doesn't need to be created for you. These are property of the customer and therefore are not for sale.
How do I apply my decal?
PREPPING THE DECAL FOR APPLICATION: STEP 1- Turn decal face down on a flat hard surface and rub the squeegee / credit cards across surface of the decal. STEP 2- Flip the decal over and repeat. (This will help the decal stick to the application tape) YOU ARE NOW READY TO APPLY THE VINYL DECAL! STEP 1 - Measure where you want you decal to be. STEP 2 - Apply tape horizontally across decal. STEP 3 - Peel the bottom waxy liner (backing paper) layer away from the decal and transfer tape starting at the opposite side of the masking taped hinge, and slowly remove it. STEP 4 - While still holding the transfer tape layer away from the smooth surface. Use a squeegee / credit cards. Start from the side with the tape and gently work away from the tape. STEP 5 - Use your squeegee / credit cards and apply pressure from the middle to the outward sides, this will remove the air and start the decal adhesion. Let sit for 5 minutes before removing. The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive the harder you rub the harder it sticks, also the longer you let it sit the stronger the adhesive will adhere. STEP 6 - Now you’re ready to pull off your transfer tape layer and view your decal. Gently pull it off, if you see some vinyl start to come up with the transfer tape then lay it back down, squeegee, and wait a few minutes and try again. Prick any air bubbles with a pin and rub down. Be sure that outer edges of decal are rubbed down smoothly and all air is forced out. If you have any tiny air bubbles they should go away after a few days in the sunlight. LET DECAL SIT FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE WASHING YOUR CAR. You can still drive your car and the decal will not fly off. STEP 7 - Stand back and enjoy your decal! For more detailed directions go to : www.707decals.com/decal-application-instructions/ Downloadable instructions here