Hi there everyone,

Welcome to our website and feel free to look around, buy a few things, ask some questions. We love working with customers to get them the best product possible for them. I (Julie) am a graphic designer by trade and have found a passion in creating clothing designs for people. We design/ redesign all our shirts and have done completely custom works as well. We also do one off designs that are exclusively for you, these have an additional design fee if they cannot be added to our line of products.

My partner (Jason) will do some writing on here, he has a background in photography and marketing, and enjoys writing. So this may become his domain.

Not all of our items are listed here on this site, feel free to check out our Facebook Page to see more items that may not be here. We love working on logos and would be happy to answer any questions you may have via email.

Have fun checking out our site and seeing what we have available to you.

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